Frequently Asked Questions

How to bet ?

With DirectBet, betting has never been easier !

  1. Find a bet that you like.

  2. Select the coin to bet with : Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash or Ether.

  3. Enter the coin address where you'd like to receive your winnings and click 'Place Bet'.

  4. Send the amount you wish to bet to the designated coin address.

That's it!

If your bet is a winner, you will receive your winnings automatically and instantly at the completion of the event.

After submitting the bet you will be directed to a Bet Status page where you can track the status of your bet. We recommend that you bookmark the page or write down your Bet ID for future reference.

Please make sure that your bet is confirmed. This is indicated by the bet status changing to 'Confirmed'. Upon some rare circumstances, your bet might be rejected and refunded immediately.

My bet won, why the status is still "Confirmed" ?

Most Sport bets are settled automatically within an hour of the event completion. It might take longer for some special bets. There is no need to request for bets settlement. Please wait patiently, it's automatic.

If several hours have passed after the completion of the event, and you still have not received your winnings, please let us know and provide your bet ID.

My bet won, why the status is still "Settlement in Progress" ?

If your bet status is "Settlement in Progress" it means that we are waiting for your initial bet transfer to have 1 confirmation in the network, before issuing the payout. This is required to ensure that we actually received your initial wager.

Usually, it takes a few seconds or minutes for your initial bet transfer to have 1 confirmation, so by the time your bet wins, it should get paid without delay.

However, it might take longer for your initial bet transfer to have 1 confirmation if you did not pay the required transactional fee for the transfer, or if the transaction is non standard, or if you were spending unconfirmed coins. In such cases there is nothing we can do but wait. It might take up to 24 hours. Your bet will be paid out automatically as soon as your initial bet transfer will have 1 confirmation. You can monitor the status of your bet transfer in the blockchain.

Under some rare circumstances, the network will reject and cancel your initial bet transfer for the reasons outlined above, and the funds will be returned to your wallet. If that happens, your bet will be canceled and no payout will be issued, since we never actually received your initial wager.

To prevent from such payout delays, be sure to send your wagers from official wallets while paying the required transactional fees.

If your initial bet transfer has 1 or more confirmation, and the bet status remains "Settlement in Progress" for more than an hour, please contact us and provide the bet ID.

My bet won and I got paid, why the payout transaction is still unconfirmed ?

As soon as the payout is issued, you will see it in your wallet as an unconfirmed transaction.

It is usually a matter of a few seconds or minutes for the payout transaction to confirm, at which point you will be able to spend it.

However, during busy hours, the Bitcoin network priorities transfers based on the fee that is paid to send them. The higher the fees, the faster they will confirm.

All the payouts that we issue are estimated to confirm within 3 blocks. This might take up to an hour during the busiest times.

Note that most of the times, the Bitcoin network is not busy, and all payouts are likely to confirm very fast.

I placed a bet by mistake, how can I cancel it ?

If you placed a bet by mistake, and the result is already determined, your bet will be rejected and refunded automatically as soon as there is 1 confirmation in the network for your initial bet transfer.

Otherwise if the bet was misplaced and confirmed before the start of the event and you wish to cancel it, please notify us immediately by sending an e-mail to [email protected] with your bet ID and clearly state that you wish to cancel the bet. There is no guarantee, but if we receive your cancellation request before the start of the event, we will cancel the bet, otherwise if the event started and your bet was not canceled, it will stand.

Bets that are placed by mistake during in-play betting can not be canceled under any circumstances. We have a strict policy on that because if and when your misplaced in-play bet wins before we get the chance to handle the cancellation request, it pays off automatically despite the fact that it was placed in error, and we can not be in a position where we pay out winning bets that were placed by mistake but cancel them otherwise.

What you can do in many cases is to immediately place the opposite bet to cover the misplaced bet in case it loses. By doing it this way, one of the bets will win and one will lose, and they will offset each other.

Why some events and bet selections are missing ?

If you can't find a particular event, please check back later by refreshing the events page. More events and bet types are added as we approach the event start time. Note that bet selections might be temporarily removed if we are unable to offer competent odds or if the betting is temporarily suspended for a particular event. This is mostly common when betting in-play and you should refresh the odds periodically to determine if and when the bets become available again.

Why my bet was confirmed at lower odds than quoted ?

When your bet transfer arrives, we immediately make a single inquiry to the current odds, and these odds are set as the confirmed odds for the bet. The odds are up to date and might be different from the odds quoted on our website a few seconds earlier for the reason that odds fluctuate by the second, particularly during in-play or right before the start of the event.

Bets are always confirmed at the most up to date odds, and they could just as well go higher in your favor. If you placed several bets in-play at DirectBet, you may have noticed that some of your bets were confirmed at odds higher than ordered, for the same reason.

If you still believe that your bet was confirmed at wrong odds, please contact us with the bet ID and we will look into it.

Please also note that we give you an option to specify the minimum required odds. Use it if you don't want your bet to confirm below certain odds. Please refer to the Negotiate Odds betting option for more details.

It is also possible that the confirmed odds for your bet were reduced because you sent more than the maximum advised, as explained in more details here.

Tell me more about the betting options ?

When you place a Single Bet you have several options to chose from which instruct us how to process your bet. These options are called 'Double or Nothing', 'Flexible Odds', 'Negotiate Odds' and 'Firm Odds'. Following is a detailed explanation of each option :

Double or Nothing New !

Select this option to instruct us to flip a coin for a double payout if your bet wins. The coin flip is performed in a provably fair manner by utilizing our Direct Dice. Using your bet transfer transaction ID and the secret designated to your bet, we roll the dice for a number between 0 and 101. If the lucky number is 51 or higher, you will receive a double payout, otherwise your bet will be settled as lost. If the lucky number is 101 and your bet stake is at least 0.01 BTC, 0.5 ETH, 1 LTC, 1 DASH or 10,000 DOGE, you will also be eligible for the current Jackpot, as advertised on our website. For more details, please refer to the Direct Dice Provably Fair Verification & Rules.

Flexible Odds Recommended !

Select this option to instruct us to confirm your bet at the current available odds. As soon as we receive your bet transfer, we immediately make a single inquiry to the current odds, and these odds are set as the confirmed odds for the bet. Most of the times, if you send out the bet immediately, the odds will be the same as they were by the time you ordered the bet, but in other times the odds might be higher or lower.

This option is recommended for all bets and especially when the odds fluctuate, as is the case when the game is in play or is about to start. This ensures that you get the best possible odds when the odds increases in your favor, and avoid rejections when the odds decreases.

This is also useful when you want to order a bet but send the amount to bet at a later time. Once you order a bet with the Flexible Odds option, you can send multiple bets before or during the event without the need to re-order the bet. Each bet will have its odds confirmed at the best available odds by the time we receive it.

Recommended when betting while watching the game / horse race and shortly before the start of the event, or if you do not intend to make the bet transfer right away.

Negotiate Odds Recommended !

Select this option to instruct us to confirm your bet only if and when the bet odds are equal to or greater than the minimum odds specified. Our automated betting system will monitor the bet odds once every few seconds and confirm the bet as soon as the odds reaches your target. Note that if the available odds on the periodic check turns to be greater than the minimum odds that you specified, your bet will be confirmed at the greater odds.

This option allows you to obtain better odds for your bet, and our automated betting system will look to fulfill it through various sources. However, it is possible that the odds will never reach your target, in which case it will be canceled and refunded at the start of the event (if your bet was received before the start of the event), or at the completion of the event (if your bet was received in-play during the event).

Please note that the entire process is automated, no human interaction is involved, giving you the best chance to lock better odds even if they get there for just a few seconds.

You can cancel your negotiated bet, or change the minimum required odds any time you wish through the Bet Status page, as long as your bet has not been confirmed yet.

Firm Odds

Select this option to instruct us to confirm your bet at the current available odds, if equal to or greater than the odds quoted when you ordered the bet. However, if by the time we received your bet transfer the odds have been reduced significantly, your bet will be rejected and refunded. It is not recommended to use this option when the odds fluctuate, as is the case when the event is in play or is about to start, especially when betting on the favorite. To avoid rejections it is better to use Negotiate Odds instead.

What's the minimum amount that I can bet ?

We do not force a minimum bet size. Feel free to bet as little as you like.

However, note that the Bitcoin network usually charges you 0.0001 BTC in fee for each transfer. Sending very small amounts might diminish your chances of winning, due to the fees.

We recommend that you download the new official Bitcoin wallet version 0.10. It has a new feature where you can set the priority of the transfer. You can set it to low to pay much smaller fees. Your transfer will still arrive and confirm instantly, but you may sometimes have to wait for it a little longer to obtain 1 confirmation and consequently for your winnings to be paid out. This will not be an issue if the bet result is not expected to be determined immediately anyhow.

Another option is to bet with Dogecoin as it features smaller transaction fees. The fee to transfer Dogecoins is just 1 DOGE, which is equal to approx. 0.0000005 BTC.

What's the maximum amount that I can bet and how can I bet more ?

The maximum amount that you can bet is displayed in the Bet Status page after ordering the bet. For most bets, the maximum bet size is at least 1 BTC and for the bigger events we usually accept much bigger bets. The exact amount varies from time to time and from bet to bet. Refresh the Bet Status page before sending your bet to determine the exact amount.

If you'd like to bet more than the maximum advised, you have two options :

  • Send the maximum advised. After your bet is confirmed, we will most likely be able to accept another bet, possibly at reduced odds. Refresh the Bet Status page or re-order the bet to determine how much more you can send.

  • Send more than the maximum advised using the 'Flexible Odds' or 'Negotiate Odds' betting options. We will attempt to confirm your larger bet at slightly reduced odds. If we are unable to accept the bet and you used the 'Flexible Odds' option, your bet will be rejected immediately and refunded after 1 confirmation, and the rejection message will tell you what is the maximum amount that you can resend as well as the bet odds. If on the other hand you used the 'Negotiate Odds' option, your bet will be set to Negotiate state and it will be confirmed if and when your stake and odds requirements are met. At any case, do not send an amount that upon winning, will net profit more than 17.75 BTC, as such a bet will most likely get rejected. For example, if the bet decimal odds is 1.5, do not send more than 35.5 BTC.

How can I cancel my bet if it arrives in a delay, later than expected ?

If you are concerned that your bet transfer may be delayed by your wallet and want an option to cancel your bet if it arrives later than planned, we do offer such an option.

You can order a negotiated bet and set the minimum required odds to an unrealistic number, 1000 Decimal or +99900 American. Your bet can never confirm at such odds. After ordering the bet, transfer the amount you wish to bet and wait for your bet transfer to arrive.

As soon as your bet transfer arrives the Bet Status will be set to Negotiate. If you are no longer interested in the bet, you can cancel it. If and when you are interested in the bet, change the minimum required odds to the current odds and your bet will confirm instantly.

By doing it this way, you will have full control over when your bet is confirmed, just like you have with deposit books, and with an option to cancel your bet if it arrives late.

Why DirectBet is the safest place to bet ?

DirectBet is the safest place to bet for the simple reason that we do not take deposits and keep hold of your valuable coins, except during the lifetime of the bet and only the amount that you elected to bet. This period of time is kept to the minimum thanks to the fact that we settle all bets within an hour. In case of Direct Dice, winnings are paid out as soon as the dice is rolled. Your coins are kept safe in your wallet under your control at all other times.

We are different than other cryptocurrency sportbooks, who take deposits and keep hold of your coins for no good reason. By doing so, your coins are left vulnerable to theft or loss, and there is always the risk that the sportsbook will disappear, taking your coins along the way, or spend them on their operational costs, or use them to pay winning players, essentially turning into a Ponzi scheme, or otherwise prevent you from withdrawing for various dishonest reasons, as happened countless of times in the past.

In fact, to date, there hasn't been a single cryptocurrency sportsbook that ceased operation gracefully and honored all withdrawal requests.

Currently, none of the other cryptocurrency sportbooks take the necessary steps to truly protect deposits in a similar way that Poker Stars is doing in the on-line Poker industry for its Poker players, and therefore your coins are not safe in any of them.

How can I be sure that this site is trustworthy and that I will get paid if I win ?

We are well funded and have never failed to pay a winning bet.
Our system will reject and refund your bet immediately if there is insufficient funds to pay it off at the completion of the event. Once your bet is confirmed, you can rest assured that we have allocated funds to pay it off.

That said, you don't have to take our word for it. We've created a forum dedicated to DirectBet in the independent BitcoinTalk website. If we ever failed to pay, or if there is any other problem, you will surely hear about it there.

You can also start betting small and gradually increase your stakes as you gain confidence in us.

What happens when you receive my bet after the event is over ?

We will refund it after 1 confirmation.

My bet was rejected. Who covers the coin transaction fee ?

We cover the fee for the refund transaction. As for the fee that you had to pay to send us the bet, we will refund it as well upon request.

Why your odds are sometimes relatively low ?

We offer many bets at the highest odds, but for some bets, odds might be reduced if they are not reliable. Generally, you will be able to find better odds as we get closer to the event start time as odds are more reliable at that time. Odds might also reduce when there is a heavy betting on a particular selection.

When comparing our odds, please note of the following :

  • We offer the most rewarding VIP program in the industry, where you can earn up to 10 BTC in bonuses every month, so essentially, if you bet frequently, the odds that you are getting are much higher than the quoted odds. In addition, those who bet frequently earn additional bonuses from various other promotions that we run, such as our regular sports betting contests.

  • Other cryptocurrency Sportbooks might offer slightly higher odds, but will limit your action to micro stakes. We do not impose ridiculously low maximum bet sizes. The max bet amount is directly related to the odds provided.

  • We have introduced a new feature that allows you to negotiate the odds and you can use it to obtain better odds for your bets. We have implemented this feature for the advantage of those of you who want better odds and it is especially useful when the odds are not yet established.

That being said, we have several big winners here and if you shop around you will find some great betting opportunities and unique bets that are not available in other cryptocurrency Sportbooks.

I sent my bet a while ago but the status is still "No bets were received". What's wrong ?

If you sent your bet from wallet and it did not arrive instantly, you may need to rebroadcast the transfer. You can do it from this page.

If this is not the problem then most likely your transfer has not been delivered yet. Please wait patiently, your bet will be processed and will either confirm or reject as soon as it is received.

The most common reasons for transfer delays are :

  • You are sending from 3rd parties or unofficial wallets while they are experiencing technical problems.

  • You are trying to spend a transfer that you recently received and which is not yet confirmed.

  • You did not include the required transactional fee.

  • The transaction has a very small output and is none standard.

    If you want to place a bet using the entire balance of your Bitcoin wallet, make sure you either leave no change at all or leave at least 5430 satoshis (0.00005430 BTC) in change.

    For example, if you have 0.01 BTC in your wallet and you know the transfer fee would be 0.0001 BTC, make sure you send exactly 0.0099 BTC or less than 0.0098457 BTC so that there would be at least 0.00005430 BTC in change.

    Otherwise, your transfer will have a change smaller than 0.00005430 BTC which is below the minimum required by the Bitcoin network and as a result it may be delayed.

  • The transaction does not have a standard input.

  • You are withdrawing funds from a 3rd party to fund your bet but your withdrawal is not processed instantly by the 3rd party.

For fastest instant Bitcoin delivery, we recommend that you use Bitcoin Core or its lighter version Multibit and pay the necessary Bitcoin transactional fee. These wallets can be downloaded from here.

Finally, if your transfer was delivered, and you see it in the Biteasy Block Chain Explorer, please contact [email protected] and provide its transaction ID for further investigation.

I sent my bet only once. Why is it showing twice ?

There is currently a problem in the Bitcoin network where duplicated conflicted transactions are being broadcasted.

You send your bet once but it appears as if it was sent twice.

You will notice that one of the transactions will confirm by the Bitcoin network normally and the other one will be canceled.

Simply ignore the duplicated canceled transaction. It will never confirm by the Bitcoin network and no funds will be deducted from your wallet for it. Consequently no payout will be issued for the duplicated canceled bet transfer.

If your wallet was charged twice please contact your wallet provider and they will reverse the duplicated charge for you.

We recommend using the official Bitcoin clients to avoid these problems.

Under some circumstances it is possible that your bet will initially confirm, but the bet transfer will later fail to confirm in the Bitcoin network. Shortly afterwards, a new transaction will be created and broadcasted for your bet with a new transaction ID. If that happens your first bet will be voided (since we will never receive it) and a new bet will be processed normally for the second bet transfer.